gives the disjunction of expr over all choices of the Boolean variables ai.



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Basic Examples  (3)

The disjunction over a set of variables:

Check whether an expression is satisfiable:

Find the conditions on a for ab to be satisfiable:

Properties & Relations  (5)

Disjunction effectively computes the Or over all truth values of the listed variables:

Disjunction is typically more efficient and can work large numbers of variables:

Disjunction eliminates (Exists) quantifiers for the list of variables:

Use Resolve to eliminate more general combinations of quantifiers:

SatisfiableQ is Disjunction over all variables:

Use Conjunction to compute And over a list of variables:

Conjunction is related to Disjunction by de Morgan's law:

Disjunction is effectively repeated Or, just as Sum is repeated Plus:

Represent Disjunction in terms of Sum:

Introduced in 2008