obtains graphic primitives of shapes in an image.


  • FindImageShapes attempts to find shapes such as lines, circles and ellipses in an image.
  • Possible "model" specifications include:
  • "Line"a list of InfiniteLine objects
    "LineSegment"a list of Line objects
    "Circle"a list of Circle objects
    "Ellipse"a list of transformed Circle objects
    {model1,model2,}an association of shapes grouped by each modeli
  • FindImageShapes expects an image in which the shapes are highlighted as bright pixels over dark backgrounds.
  • Highlight contours such as lines and circles using EdgeDetect, RidgeFilter, GradientFilter and more.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Find and highlight largest ellipses in an image:

Scope  (2)

Detect and visualize straight lines in an image:

Find and highlight line segments:

Detect and visualize ellipses:

Applications  (1)

Detect and visualize the iris:

Highlight image edges:

Find and highlight the largest detected circle:

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