f@@@expr or MapApply[f,expr]

replaces heads at level 1 of expr by f.


represents an operator form of MapApply that can be applied to an expression.



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Basic Examples  (4)

Replace the head of each element of a list with f:


Sum sublists by replacing the head of each with Plus:

Use the operator form of MapApply:

MapApply only affects the values of an association:

Scope  (3)

MapApply can be used with any expression, not just lists:

Apply a function to the rows of a SparseArray object:

Use MapApply with structured arrays, such as SymmetrizedArray and QuantityArray:

Options  (1)

Heads  (1)

Apply inside the head as well as arguments:

Applications  (2)

Compute the angles with respect to the positive axis for a list of ordered pairs:

Display the factorization of an integer using superscripts:

Properties & Relations  (6)

MapApply[f,expr] is equivalent to Apply[f,expr,{1}]:

MapApply is a combination of Map and Apply:

MapApply can replace heads inside held expressions without allowing evaluation to proceed:

Use ReleaseHold to allow evaluation to proceed:

If only some arguments are held, only those arguments will not evaluate further:

Map gives each sublist as a single argument to the mapped function:

MapApply takes the elements of the sublist as separate arguments:

MapApply ignores any element of the input expression that does not itself have any subparts:

MapApply[f,expr] returns expr if the latter does not have any parts at level 1:

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