gives the outer polyhedron of the polyhedron poly.


  • OuterPolyhedron is also known as polyhedron outer shell.
  • Typically used to decompose a polyhedron as a difference of simple polyhedra, even when the original construction of the polyhedron was using crossing curves etc.
  • OuterPolyhedron is defined by the canonicalization performed in CanonicalizePolyhedron.
  • OuterPolyhedron gives a polyhedron of the form Polyhedron[{p1,p2,},{{f1,f2,},}], where pk are explicit coordinates, and fk are integer lists referring to polygon faces.
  • In general, the result will be a Polyhedron object representing a disjoint union of simple polygons.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Get the outer polyhedron:

Scope  (2)

OuterPolyhedron works on polyhedrons:



Polyhedrons with disconnected components:

Properties & Relations  (2)

OuterPolyhedron of a simple polyhedron is the polyhedron itself:

A simple polyhedron has the same polyhedron coordinates as its OuterPolyhedron:

Introduced in 2019