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gives the primary content of the specified resource.


gives element elem of the content of the resource.

Details and Options

  • A resource can be specified by name, UUID, or an explicit ResourceObject object.
  • Available content elements are given by ResourceObject[]["ContentElements"].
  • Data in a resource is typically not explicitly retrieved until it is requested.
  • When data for a resource is retrieved, it is usually cached in $LocalBase.
  • ResourceData supports the following options:
  • ResourceSystemBase$ResourceSystemBaseresource system from which to retrieve data


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Basic Examples  (3)

Specify a resource using its name:

Get the text of the Gettysburg Address from a resource object containing it:

Find the elements in a resource:

Retrieve a specific element:

Options  (1)

ResourceSystemBase  (1)

Specify a resource system directly:

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