is an option and property for Graph and related functions that specifies the graphics used for vertices.


  • VertexShape can be any Graphics, Graphics3D, or Image object.
  • The rendered form of each vertex is obtained by rescaling the given object.
  • The following settings for VertexShape can be used:
  • Automaticuse preset default vertex shape
    Inheriteduse the vertex name as a shape
    guse the graphic g for all vertices
    {v1->g1,v2->g2,}use gi for vertex vi


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Basic Examples  (2)

Draw vertex shapes using any Graphics, Image, or Graphics3D:

Specify vertex shapes for individual vertices:

Scope  (8)

VertexShape can be used for general graphs:

Matrix graphs:

Special graphs:

Use Annotation to specify vertex shape:

VertexShape can be combined with VertexSize:

VertexShape works with patterns:

VertexShape is not affected by VertexStyle:

VertexShapeFunction has higher priority than VertexShape:

Applications  (2)

Create a food chain where an edge indicates what animals and insects eat:

The relation between shapes where the edge indicates a more general shape:

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