"Vernier" provides a general interface to Vernier Go!Link compatible sensors.

A variety of sensors can be connected to the Vernier Go!Link to measure such things as pressure, acceleration, light intensity, gas concentrations, chemical properties and electromagnetic properties.

A full list of compatible sensors can be found on the Vernier website.

Device Discovery


    returns a list of device objects for Vernier sensors.

Opening the Device

Configuring the Device


    configures the device to take measurements at time interval dt.

  • dt can be the number of seconds or a Quantity object representing time.
  • dt must lie between the "MinMeasurementInterval" and "MaxMeasurementInterval" device properties.
  • "MeasurementInterval" Automatic uses "MinMeasurementInterval".

Device Properties

  • Properties for Vernier sensor device objects include:
  • "SensorID"integer that identifies the type of sensor
    "SensorName"name of the sensor
    "SensorDescription"description of the sensor
    "MeasurementInterval"time between measurements
    "MinMeasurementInterval"minimum configurable time between measurements
    "MaxMeasurementInterval"maximum configurable time between measurements
    "ProbeType"type of probe attached
    "BufferLength"length of sensor buffer
  • Multiple sensors of the same type will show up as different devices but share the same "SensorID".
  • Typical values for "ProbeType" include "Analog 10V", "Heat Pulser" and "Photo Gate".

Reading Data

Closing and Releasing Resources


    closes the connection to the device.


Basic Examples  (1)

Find Vernier devices on the system:

Connect to the first device:

Read a single value from the device:

Read all values from the device's buffer:

Read a series of values from the device over a 10-second interval: