"SemanticNumber" (Interpreter Type)

Number in a standard format or in natural language.


Allowed Forms

  • 1234, -1234, etc.integers
    12.34real numbers
    12.45e45, 1.2E-5, 1.2*^-5numbers in scientific notation
    12,345.67numbers with separators
    1.2`10, 3.4``20numbers with a given Precision or Accuracy
    two, a fifthnumbers in natural language
    3/5, -1/2rational numbers

Restriction Specifications



Basic Examples  (3)

Interpret numbers:

Interpret numbers in natural language:

Restrict in a range:

Restrict to the first five prime numbers:

Restrict to odd numbers below 100:

Set the precision:

Otherwise, $MachinePrecision is implied:

When the number contains a Precision or Accuracy, and a precision restriction is also specified, the lower of the two will be applied: