HighlightImage[image, region]
highlights the specified region of the image.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • HighlightImage always generates an 8-bit RGB image.
  • HighlightImage[image, {{x1, y1}, ...}] creates a marker region from the specified positions in the standard image coordinates, where is the bottom-left corner of the image and is the top-right corner of the image.
  • Different highlighting methods can be specified using the Method option:
  • "Blur"blur the background
    "Boundary"mark the boundary between foreground and background
    "Brightness"darken the background
    "CrossMarkers"highlight specified markers with a cross
    "DiskMarkers"highlight specified markers with a disk
    "Fade"fade the background
    "Saturation"convert the background to gray scale
    "Solid"replace the foreground by the highlight color
    fapply f to the background pixels
  • By default, the most suitable method is used.
  • With Method->{"Boundary", thickness}, the thickness of the boundary can be specified. By default, thickness=1.
  • With and methods, can be used to specify the marker radius. By default, radius=2.
  • HighlightImage takes a option that specifies the color to use in some highlighting methods.

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Basic Examples (2)Basic Examples (2)

Highlight the corners of an image:

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Highlight a region of interest:

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