applies f to each element on lst.


  • The CUDALink application must be loaded using Needs["CUDALink`"].
  • CUDAMap works only on general vector types such as "Float", "Double", .
  • CUDAMap does not work on fixed vector structure types like "Float[2]", "Integer32[2]", .
  • CUDAMap does not work on symbolic input.
  • CUDAMap is equivalent to Map.
  • The value for f can be either Cos, Sin, Tan, ArcCos, ArcSin, ArcTan, Cosh, Sinh, Exp, Log, Log10, Sqrt, Ceiling, Floor, or Abs.


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Basic Examples  (2)

First, load the CUDALink application:

This maps the Cos operator on an input list:

The above is equivalent to Map:

The input can be CUDAMemory. This loads a list using CUDAMemoryLoad:

This applies Abs on the input memory:

The memory returned can be retrieved using CUDAMemoryGet:

Possible Issues  (1)

The output type is the same as the input. If the input is a list of integers, then the decimals are dropped:

The above is not equivalent to Map: