Bounded Domain Distributions

Bounded domain distributions naturally come up when random variables should only vary in a finite interval. Some distributions, like beta, occur in a variety of ways, including as order statistics of an underlying uniform distribution or as a model for fractions of some quantity. In general, any unbounded domain distribution can be made to have a bounded domain by using operations such as truncation.

Continuous Distributions

UniformDistribution continuous uniform distribution

BetaDistribution beta distribution

ArcSinDistribution  ▪  BatesDistribution  ▪  KumaraswamyDistribution  ▪  NoncentralBetaDistribution  ▪  PERTDistribution  ▪  PowerDistribution  ▪  TriangularDistribution  ▪  UniformSumDistribution  ▪  VonMisesDistribution  ▪  WignerSemicircleDistribution  ▪  MarchenkoPasturDistribution

Discrete Distributions

BernoulliDistribution Bernoulli trial distribution

BinomialDistribution binomial distribution

DiscreteUniformDistribution  ▪  BenfordDistribution  ▪  BetaBinomialDistribution  ▪  HypergeometricDistribution  ▪  FisherHypergeometricDistribution  ▪  WalleniusHypergeometricDistribution  ▪  ZipfDistribution

Derived Distributions

Distributions can be made to have bounded domains by modifying existing distributions.

TruncatedDistribution truncate any distribution

CensoredDistribution censor any distribution