New in 10.0: Cloud & Deployment

Cloud Functions & Deployment »

CloudObject a handle to an expression or other content in the cloud

CloudGet get an expression from the cloud

CloudPut put an expression into the cloud, creating a new cloud object if necessary

CloudSave save definitions associated with a symbol to the cloud

CloudImport  ▪  CloudExport  ▪  ...

Cloud Evaluation

CloudEvaluate evaluate an expression in the cloud

CloudFunction a pure function to be evaluated in the cloud

Deploying to the Cloud

CloudDeploy deploy code or content to be accessed externally in the cloud

APIFunction symbolic representation of an API to be deployed

FormFunction symbolic representation of a form to be deployed

ExternalBundle representation of a directory of objects

ExportForm  ▪  ResponseForm  ▪  HTTPResponse  ▪  ...

Creating Embeddable Content

EmbedCode HTML etc. code for external embedding of cloud content

Content Management

Permissions  ▪  CloudDirectory  ▪  ...

URL Manipulation »

URLEncode convert a string to use URL-style percent encoding

URLDecode convert to Unicode from URL-style percent encoding

URLBuild  ▪  URLParse  ▪  URLShorten  ▪  ...