New in 10.0: Time-Related Computation

Broad Support for Time Series Processing »

TimeSeries series consisting of time-value pairs

EventSeries special time series with no interpolation between samples

TemporalData general collection of time series

Basic Operations

TimeSeriesWindow give the time series in the specified time window

TimeSeriesInsert insert time-value pairs into a time series

TimeSeriesRescale  ▪  TimeSeriesResample  ▪  TimeSeriesShift  ▪  TimeSeriesThread  ▪  TimeSeriesMap  ▪  TimeSeriesMapThread  ▪  RegularlySampledQ  ▪  MinimumTimeIncrement

Filtering & Aggregating Time Series

MovingMap apply a function to a moving overlapping window

TimeSeriesAggregate apply a function to a moving non-overlapping window

Differences  ▪  Accumulate  ▪  MovingAverage  ▪  MovingMedian  ▪  ...

LowpassFilter  ▪  HighpassFilter  ▪  MeanFilter  ▪  ...

Time Series Process Modeling »

TimeSeriesModelFit automatically fit a time series model

TimeSeriesForecast  ▪  CorrelationFunction  ▪  PowerSpectralDensity  ▪  ...

Date & Time

DateObject  ▪  TimeObject

DateFormat  ▪  CalendarConvert  ▪  TimeZoneConvert

Astronomical Computation »

Sunrise, Sunset time of sunrise, sunset for any location and date

SunPosition  ▪  MoonPosition  ▪  MoonPhase  ▪  ...

PlanetData static and dynamic properties of solar system planets

PlanetaryMoonData  ▪  CometData  ▪  ...

StarData positions and properties of all stars in standard catalogs

ConstellationData  ▪  GalaxyData  ▪  ...

SatelliteData properties and real-time computed positions of artificial satellites

DeepSpaceProbeData planetary and deep space probes