New in 10.0: Visualization & Graphics

LABColor, LUVColor, XYZColor use CIE color spaces for styles and color functions

Geographic Images »

GeoGraphics construct maps and geographic images from primitives and directives

GeoPath  ▪  GeoStyling

Specialized Plots

NumberLinePlot plot numbers, intervals, and predicates on a number line

MandelbrotSetPlot plot the Mandelbrot set over a region

JuliaSetPlot plot the Julia set for a function

Enhanced Legends

PlotLegends improved legends using dashing, thickness, plot markers, and label styles

ArrayPlot improved automatic legends

MatrixPlot improved automatic legends

Legended improved placement of multiple legends and wider support as a wrapper for data

ListLogPlot  ▪  ListLogLinearPlot  ▪  ListLogLogPlot  ▪  QuantilePlot  ▪  ProbabilityPlot  ▪  ProbabilityScalePlot

Enhanced Units

Create financial plots from data with units

CandlestickChart  ▪  KagiChart  ▪  PointFigureChart  ▪  RenkoChart  ▪  LineBreakChart

PlotTheme specify an overall theme for visualizations