New in 8.0: Notebooks & Documents

Wolfram System 8 introduces numerous new usability features, including a whole new paradigm for entering input using free-form linguistics that no longer require even understanding Wolfram Language syntax. Additional user interface enhancements run across the spectrum, including major updates to the find dialog, the entire printing system, and even the basic cell insertion pointer.

Notebook Basics »

choose how to enter input (Wolfram Language, free-form, text, etc.)

( at beginning of input) use free-form linguistics to generate Wolfram Language output

( at beginning of input) generate full Wolfram|Alpha output

() enter free-form linguistics for conversion to inline Wolfram Language input

Computable Document Format (CDF) Files

File New FreeCDF create a new .cdf file

File Save As... added support for saving .cdf files

"CDF" added Import and Export of Computable Document Format (.cdf) files

Automatic Evaluation of Notebooks

NotebookEvaluate evaluate the cells in a specified notebook

Improved Interactive Graphics Editing

Graphics Drawing Tools (modified) draw and edit graphics interactively

Improved Find and Replace

Edit Find (modified) highlight results in a notebook, view find and replace history

New and Improved Printing

File Print (modified) print preview for Windows and Linux, improved paging control and line breaking

Improved Headers and Footers

File Printing Settings Headers and Footers (modified)

New Citation Management

Insert Citation integration with EndNote

Citation Management a tutorial on managing citations in the Wolfram System

New in Stylesheets

Format Stylesheet Stylesheet Chooser (modified)

New in Spoken Output

Speak (modified) speak any expression, including math and diagrams

SpokenString (modified) spoken representation of an expression