Structured Data in the Cloud

The Wolfram Language allows structured data consisting of nested lists and associations to be stored persistently in the cloud, and to have parts that are directly manipulated in place in the cloud. Cloud expressions allow for persistent mutable structures to be created in the cloud.

CreateCloudExpression set up a persistent cloud expression

CloudExpression symbolic handle to a cloud expression

DeleteCloudExpression  ▪  CloudExpressions  ▪  FileSize

Operations on Cloud Expressions

obj[part,] retrieve the value of a part

obj[part,]=val set the value of a part

Unset remove the value of a part

Get get the complete value of the cloud expression

Put put a complete value for the cloud expression

AppendTo  ▪  AssociateTo  ▪  Increment  ▪  AddTo  ▪  ...

Cloud Expression Control

PartProtection what parts to protect from resetting

Permissions control of access etc.

SetPermissions  ▪  ClearPermissions  ▪  SetOptions

Unstructured Data in the Cloud

CloudSymbol a symbol whose value is stored in the cloud

CloudObject general handle to an expression in the cloud

Databin a sequentially filled databin