is an option for cloud expressions that controls which parts of their structure can be changed.


  • The setting for PartProtection specifies which parts of lists and associations in a cloud expression are protected from being modified in place.
  • Possible settings include:
  • Automaticonly individual elements can be changed
    Allnothing in the expression can be changed
    Noneeverything can be changed
  • When a change is attempted on a part of a cloud expression not allowed by the setting of PartProtection, a Failure object is returned.
  • With the setting PartProtection->All, deleting the cloud expression using DeleteCloudExpression and resetting its value with Put are still allowed.


Basic Examples  (2)

Create a CloudExpression storing a scoreboard:

Check that the PartProtection is set to Automatic:

Increment the number of attempts of user "user2", which is an atomic subpart of the cloud expression:

Append a new user:

Retrieve the latest value:

Attempt to modify the value of key "user1", whose value is an association:

Disable part protection:

The modification was applied:

Create a new cloud expression with full part protection:

Try to append a value:

Set the part protection to None and try again:

Retrieve the updated value:

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