How to | Customize My Graphics

The Wolfram Language allows you to customize your 2D and 3D graphics through a variety of options.

Without any options set, Plot uses a variety of default option values for color, axes style, and so on:

Add a plot label:

Style the plot label:


Style the curve:

Style the axes:

Style the labels:


Create a filled plot:

Draw grid lines:

Specify manual ticks on the axes:


Add points under or over the plot:

Add several styled graphics primitives to the plot:


The default graphics produced by Plot3D use a variety of default option values:

Control the intersection point of the axes:


Omit mesh:

Control the density of the mesh drawn on the surface:


Plot several surfaces together:

Control the regions over which the surfaces are plotted:

Specify lighting simulation to use for coloring the surfaces:

Control the ratio of the box dimensions and add other styles:


Get a list of all the options that can be used to customize the plots you produce with Plot and Plot3D: