represents the k^(th) maxterm in n variables.


represents the conjunction of the maxterms ki.


represents the conjunction of maxterms given by the exponent vectors ui, vi, .


gives the Boolean expression in variables ai corresponding to the maxterms function specified by spec.


gives the Boolean expression in the form specified by form.



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Basic Examples  (4)

Equivalent ways of specifying the same maxterm:

Specify a conjunction of maxterms:

An equivalent way to specify a conjunction of maxterms:

Return a BooleanFunction object representing the conjunction of maxterms:

Enumerate all maxterms of three variables:

Scope  (1)

Specify different forms for the result:

Applications  (1)

Produce a CNF formula for (1,3,5):

Properties & Relations  (4)

The indices correspond to positions of False, in the default ordering for BooleanTable:

BooleanMaxterms can represent any BooleanFunction:

The mapping from maxterms to index:

The mapping from index to maxterms:

Using bit vectors:

Use Subsets to enumerate all possible Boolean functions using BooleanMaxterms:

BooleanMinterms is related to BooleanMaxterms:

Introduced in 2008