is an option for Integrate, Sum, and similar functions that specifies whether explicit conditions on parameters should be generated in the result.


  • Possible settings for GenerateConditions include:
  • Allreturn all possible answers using Piecewise
    Automaticreturn a condition only if it is not generically satisfied
    Truereturn any condition that is needed
    Falsenever return any needed conditions
    Nonereturn unevaluated if conditions are needed
  • Functions with a GenerateConditions option may support fewer possible settings.


Basic Examples  (2)

Obtain conditions for validity of the result in FourierTransform:

GenerateConditions is set to False by default in this case:

The result from Integrate contains conditions for validity:

Use GenerateConditions->False to obtain a result that is valid for a limited range of a:

Introduced in 1996
Updated in 2008