represents hypothesis test data such as generated by DistributionFitTest, AndersonDarlingTest, etc.


  • A HypothesisTestData[] object htd, can be used to retrieve additional data and reports through htd["property"].
  • A list of available properties is given by htd["Properties"]. Additional information about the properties is listed on the pages for functions such as DistributionFitTest.
  • Typical properties include:
  • "PValue"list of -values
    "PValueTable"formatted table of -values
    "TestData"list of pairs of test statistics and -values
    "TestDataTable"formatted table of -values and test statistics
    "TestStatistic"list of test statistics
    "TestStatisticTable"formatted table of test statistics


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Basic Examples  (1)

Create a HypothesisTestData object using DistributionFitTest:

Obtain a list of available properties:

Extract a property:

Scope  (6)

Extract a single property:

Named tests report -values by default:

Use named tests in combination with reporting properties:

A full test table:

A test statistic:

A test -value:

Both entries from the table:

Using reporting properties alone is equivalent to combining them with Automatic:

Determine which test will be chosen automatically:

Build up tables with a selection of tests:

Extract any number of properties simultaneously:

Introduced in 2010