gives the inverse Radon transform of expr.

Details and Options

  • The inverse Radon transform provides the mathematical basis for tomographic image reconstruction.
  • Geometrically, the inversion procedure recovers an image from the values of its Radon transform along different projections of the image for fixed angles and varying .
  • InverseRadonTransform computes a radial Fourier transform, followed by a two-dimensional inverse Fourier transform, to accomplish the above inversion. »
  • The following options can be given:
  • Assumptions$Assumptionsassumptions on parameters
    GenerateConditionsFalsewhether to generate results that involve conditions on parameters
    MethodAutomaticwhat method to use
  • In TraditionalForm, InverseRadonTransform is output using TemplateBox[{{f, (, {p, ,, phi}, )}, p, phi, x, y}, InverseRadonTransform].


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Basic Examples  (1)

Compute the inverse Radon transform of a function:

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Plot the function along with the inverse transform:

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Introduced in 2017