For general access to the Wolfram Knowledgebase, use entities of type Plant instead of PlantData.


gives the value of the specified property for the plant entity.


gives a list of property values for the specified plant entities.


gives the specified annotation associated with the property.


  • PlantData[] gives a list of all plant entities.
  • PlantData["Properties"] gives a list of available properties.
  • The specified entity in PlantData can be an Entity, EntityClass, entity canonical name, or list thereof.
  • The specified property can be an EntityProperty, EntityPropertyClass, property canonical name, or list of properties.
  • Properties that do not apply or are not known in a particular case are indicated by Missing[].
  • Properties include:
  • "ActiveGrowthPeriod"active growth period
    "AdaptedToCoarseTexturedSoilsQ"adapted to coarse-textured soils
    "AdaptedToFineTexturedSoilsQ"adapted to fine-textured soils
    "AdaptedToMediumTexturedSoilsQ"adapted to medium-textured soils
    "AfterHarvestRegrowthRate"after-harvest regrowth rate
    "AlternateCommonNames"alternate common names
    "AlternateScientificNames"alternate scientific names
    "AnaerobicTolerance"anaerobic tolerance
    "AreaPerPlantRange"area per plant range
    "BerryNutSeedProductQ"berry, nut, seed product
    "BinomialAuthor"binomial author
    "BloomPeriod"reproductive period
    "CalciumCarbonateTolerance"calcium carbonate tolerance
    "CarbonNitrogenRatio"carbon-nitrogen ratio
    "CategoryTags"category tags
    "ChristmasTreeProductQ"Christmas tree product
    "ColdStratification"cold stratification required
    "COLNameCode"COL name code
    "COLNumber"COL number
    "CommercialAvailability"commercial availability
    "CommonName"common name
    "CoppicePotentialQ"coppice potential
    "CountryList"country distribution list
    "DroughtTolerance"drought tolerance
    "Duration"natural life cycle
    "FallConspicuousQ"fall conspicuous
    "FamilyCommonName"family common name
    "FederalNoxiousCommonName"federal noxious common name
    "FederalNoxiousStatus"federal noxious status
    "FederalTEStatus"federal TE status
    "FertilityRequirement"fertility requirement
    "FireResistantQ"fire resistant
    "FireTolerance"fire tolerance
    "FlowerColor"flower color
    "FlowerConspicuousQ"flower conspicuous
    "FodderProductQ"fodder product
    "FoliageColor"foliage color
    "FoliagePorositySummer"foliage porosity, summer
    "FoliagePorosityWinter"foliage porosity, winter
    "FoliageTexture"foliage texture
    "FruitColor"fruit color
    "FruitConspicuousQ"fruit conspicuous
    "FruitSeedAbundance"fruit/seed abundance
    "FruitSeedBeginPeriod"fruit/seed begin period
    "FruitSeedEndPeriod"fruit/seed end period
    "FuelwoodPotential"fuelwood potential
    "GrowthHabit"growth form
    "GrowthRate"growth rate
    "GrowthRequirementGroups"soil texture requirements
    "HedgeTolerance"pruning tolerance
    "KnownAllelopathQ"known allelopath
    "LeafRetentionQ"leaf retention
    "LocalOccurrence"natural occurrence
    "LowGrowingGrassQ"low-growing grass
    "LumberProductQ"lumber product
    "MathematicaFlowerColor"Mathematica flower color
    "MatureHeight"mature height
    "MatureHeightBaseAgeMaximum"maximum mature height at base age
    "MaximumAreaPerPlant"maximum area per plant
    "MaximumpH"maximum pH
    "MaximumPlantingDensityPerAcre"maximum planting density
    "MaximumPrecipitation"maximum precipitation
    "MinimumAreaPerPlant"minimum area per plant
    "MinimumFrostFreeDays"minimum frost-free days
    "MinimumpH"minimum pH
    "MinimumPlantingDensityPerAcre"minimum planting density
    "MinimumPrecipitation"minimum precipitation
    "MinimumRootDepth"minimum root depth
    "MinimumTemperature"minimum tolerable temperature
    "MoistureUse"moisture use
    "MorphologyGroups"other physiological attributes
    "NationalWetlandStatus"national wetland status
    "NavalStoreProductQ"naval store product
    "NectarSugarContent"nectar sugar content
    "NitrogenFixation"nitrogen fixation
    "NorthernPolarLimitForCultivation"northern limit of cultivable range
    "NumberOfSubEntities"number of members
    "NurseryStockProductQ"nursery stock product
    "OptimalTemperatureRange"optimal temperature range
    "PalatableBrowseAnimal"palatable to browsing animals
    "PalatableGrazeAnimal"palatable to grazing animals
    "PalatableHuman"human palatability
    "PalatableHumanQ"palatable to humans
    "ParentEntity"parent taxon
    "PersistentFruitSeed"fruit/seed persistence
    "PHRange"pH range
    "PlantHardinessZone"USDA hardiness zone
    "PlantHeatZone"AHS heat zone
    "PlantingDensityPerAcreRange"planting density range
    "PostProductQ"post product
    "PrecipitationRange"precipitation range
    "PropagatedByBareRootQ"propagated by bare root
    "PropagatedByBulbsQ"propagated by bulbs
    "PropagatedByContainerQ"propagated by container
    "PropagatedByCormsQ"propagated by corms
    "PropagatedByCuttingsQ"propagated by cuttings
    "PropagatedBySeedQ"propagated by seed
    "PropagatedBySodQ"propagated by sod
    "PropagatedBySprigsQ"propagated by sprigs
    "PropagatedByTubersQ"propagated by tubers
    "ProteinPotential"protein potential
    "ProvinceList"Canadian province distribution list
    "PulpwoodProductQ"pulpwood product
    "QuadrinomialAuthor"quadrinomial author
    "RegionalWetlandStatus"regional wetland status
    "ReproductionGroups"method of propagation
    "ResproutAbilityQ"resprout ability
    "SalinityTolerance"salinity tolerance
    "ScientificName"scientific name
    "SeedlingVigor"seedling vigor
    "SeedsPerPound"seed count
    "SeedSpreadRate"seed spread rate
    "ShadeTolerance"shade tolerance
    "ShapeAndOrientation"shape and orientation
    "Siblings"sibling taxa
    "SmallGrain"small grain
    "StateList"US state distribution list
    "StateMap"US state distribution
    "StateNoxiousStatus"state noxious status
    "StateTEStatus"state TE status
    "SubEntities"child taxa
    "TaxonomicLevel"taxonomic level
    "TaxonomicSequence"taxonomic sequence
    "TaxonomyGraph"taxonomy graph
    "TrinomialAuthor"trinomial author
    "USDAAcceptedSymbol"USDA accepted symbol
    "USDAClass"USDA class
    "USDADivision"USDA division
    "USDAFamily"USDA family
    "USDAForma"USDA forma
    "USDAGenus"USDA genus
    "USDAGeographicDistribution"USDA geographic distribution
    "USDAKingdom"USDA kingdom
    "USDAOrder"USDA order
    "USDASpecies"USDA species
    "USDASubclass"USDA subclass
    "USDASubdivision"USDA subdivision
    "USDASubkingdom"USDA subkingdom
    "USDASubspecies"USDA subspecies
    "USDASuperdivision"USDA superdivision
    "USDASymbol"USDA symbol
    "USDAVariety"USDA variety
    "VegetativeSpreadRate"vegetative spread rate
    "VeneerProductQ"veneer product
  • Some properties are available for PlantData as a whole and can be given using the form PlantData[property]. Such properties include:
  • "Entities"all available entities
    "EntityCount"total number of available entities
    "Classes"all available entity classes
    "EntityClassCount"total number of available entity classes
    "SampleEntities"list of sample entities
    "SampleEntityClasses"list of sample entity classes
    "EntityCanonicalNames"list of all entity canonical names
    "PropertyCanonicalNames"list of all property canonical names
    "EntityClassCanonicalNames"list of all entity class canonical names
    "RandomEntities"pseudorandom sample entities
    {"RandomEntities",n}n pseudorandom entities
    "RandomEntityClasses"pseudorandom sample entity classes
    {"RandomEntityClasses",n}n pseudorandom entity classes
  • The following annotations can be used in the third argument of PlantData[entity,property,annotation]:
  • "Qualifiers"the list of possible qualifiers for the property
    "QualifierValues"the list of possible values that can be given to each qualifier
    "DefaultQualifierValues"the list of default values for the property's qualifiers
    "Description"a brief textual description of the property
    "Definition"a detailed textual definition of the property
    "Source"source information for the property
    "Date"the date associated with the entity-property value (if any)
    "PhysicalQuantity"the physical quantity associated with the entity-property value
    "Unit"the unit associated with the entity-property value
    "EntityAssociation"an association of entities and entity-property values
    "PropertyAssociation"an association of properties and entity-property values
  • If a function is provided as an annotation, it will be used to aggregate the result data. Typical aggregation functions include:
  • Minthe minimum value
    Maxthe maximum value
    Meanthe mean value
    Commonestthe most frequently occurring value
    Medianthe median value
    Totalreturns the total
    Lengththe number of elements


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Basic Examples  (7)

Use for discovery:

Find the alternate common names and the scientific name of a plant:

Discover where a plant has naturalized:

Get a list of sample entities for plants:

Obtain a sample list of classes of plants:

Get a list of plants in a given class:

Get information about whether humans can eat certain plants:

Neat Examples  (3)

Combine the taxonomy graphs of several species:

Visualize the geographic distribution of plants using data from the USDA:

Display images of a collection of flowers:

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