As of Version 12.1, Properties has been superseded by AnnotationRules.


is an option that allows specification of properties to objects and items of objects.


  • The Properties option can be used to specify properties to objects and items of objects such as Graph, MeshRegion and BoundaryMeshRegion.
  • Properties->{item1->{prop1->val1,prop2->val2,},} indicates that item1 has the property-value pairs prop1->val1, prop2->val2, etc.
  • Item specifications for each type of object are given in their reference pages.
  • The Properties option can be used to specify inheritance of properties in constructs such as Subgraph, EdgeAdd and GraphUnion.
  • Typical settings for inheritance of properties include:
  • Inheritedinherit all properties
    Automaticuse automatic inheritance of properties
    Noneset no inheritance


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Basic Examples  (3)

Specify a vertex property:

Specify a property for the graph itself:

Inherit all properties of the graph:

Use automatic inheritance of properties:

Set no inheritance:

Scope  (5)

Basic Uses  (1)

Set properties for vertices:

And edges:

Vertex Properties  (2)

Standard vertex properties include VertexStyle:




Specify a custom property:

Edge Properties  (2)

Standard edge properties include EdgeStyle:


Specify a custom property:

Introduced in 2010
Updated in 2019