is an option for TableForm and MatrixForm that gives the labels to be printed for entries in each dimension of a table or matrix.


  • TableHeadings->None gives no labels in any dimension.
  • TableHeadings->Automatic gives successive integer labels for each entry in each dimension. »
  • TableHeadings->{{lbl11,lbl12,},} gives explicit labels for each entry.
  • The labels can be strings or other Wolfram Language expressions. »
  • The labels are placed as headings for rows or columns.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Give explicit headings for rows and columns:

Specify headings only for rows:

Specify headings only for columns:

Scope  (3)

Use with MatrixForm:

Use automatically generated headings for rows and columns:

Use automatic headings only for rows:

Only for columns:

Specify Greek letters for row and column headings:

Introduced in 1991