Create a Transfer Transaction in ARK

Interact with the ARK blockchain using highly customizable operations to submit transactions.

View fee statistics

Use BlockchainData to view the estimated transaction fee:

Using the preceding statistics, use Quantity to set an appropriate fee for the transaction:

And again to set the amount to send:

  • The FeeStatistics property of BlockchainData for ARK can be used to decide the Fee. If not specified, the fee will be determined automatically during the transaction.
  • The workflow uses the devnet blockchain for these examples. To use the mainnet blockchain, specify BlockchainBase → "ARK".

Create the transaction object

Use BlockchainTransaction to build the transaction object with the chosen Fee and the desired Amount:

  • The transaction exists locally until it is submitted to the ARK blockchain with BlockchainTransactionSubmit.
  • The sender is not part of the transaction until the transaction is signed.
  • The address of the sender must have enough balance to send the transaction.

Sign the transaction

Use BlockchainTransactionSign to sign the transaction with the private key:

  • The transaction is now signed but not yet submitted to the blockchain. It only exists locally.

Submit the transaction

Use BlockchainTransactionSubmit to send the transaction to the blockchain:

  • After the transaction is submitted, you must wait for it to be included in a block. The block can then be forged and added to the blockchain.