What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 5.0

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A list of key new features since SystemModeler 4.3.

Built-In Libraries

  • New built-in library: MediaSimulate flow and phase changes of liquids and gases. »
  • New built-in library: NoiseAdd realism to simulations with reproducible noise generation. »
  • The included Modelica Standard Library has been updated to the newest version, 3.2.2. »
  • Updated graphic design of all model icons for improved clarity, readability and presentability.

Getting Started

  • More than 400 complete examples have been included in the product.
  • Introduction videos have been updated with new, helpful tips. »
  • New workflow layouts "Library Developer", "Modeler" and "Presenter" optimize different work modes. »
  • Setup on Windows now includes an integrated compiler installation step.

Modeling Improvements

  • Import and export with the latest FMI standard (2.0) allows interoperability with more tools than ever before. »
  • Support for replaceable classes, allowing easy switching of submodels such as engines, tires etc. »
  • In models with replaceable classes, all viable choices are automatically listed for easy configuration.
  • Modified models and components are clearly indicated in the class browser.
  • Packages can now be split into multiple files, allowing components to be individually tracked in versioning control systems. »
  • When renaming a class, references to that class are updated smarter and faster.
  • Items in the class browser can now be reordered using drag-and-drop.
  • Additional units for torque, power, energy and more allow you to model using the units you are accustomed to.

Simulation Improvement

  • Experiments can be pinned in Simulation Center to keep a specific result for comparison or later analysis. »
  • Significantly improved simulation performance for data-heavy models, including models using the Media library.
  • Simulations now provide improved progress bar with expected time to finish.

Analytics Improvements

  • Interactively browse hundreds of complete model examples using WSMExamples.
  • Programmatically optimize or modify parameters using WSMParametricSimulateValue.
  • Programmatically manage models, such as saving and renaming, from within the Wolfram Language.
  • Access simulation data in more forms for use in additional analytics functions in the Wolfram Language.
  • Save intermediate results, such as compiled models, for faster and more streamlined workflow in the Wolfram Language.