Signal Processing

Mathematica has powerful signal processing capabilities, including digital and analog filter design, filtering, and signal analysis using the state-of-the-art algebraic and numerical methods that can be applied to audio, image, or other data.


Importing & Exporting Signals

Import, Export import and export data in standard formats

"SND" ▪ "WAV" ▪ "AIFF" ▪ "MAT" ▪ "EDF" ▪ ...

BinaryReadList ▪ BinaryWrite ▪ ...


Sound ▪ SampledSoundList ▪ SampledSoundFunction

ListPlay ▪ Play ▪ EmitSound

Filtering »

ListConvolve convolve a signal with any kernel (apply FIR filter)

RecurrenceFilter compute the response of an IIR filter

LowpassFilter ▪ HighpassFilter ▪ ...

GaussianFilter ▪ MeanFilter ▪ MeanShiftFilter ▪ ...

Digital Filter Design

LeastSquaresFilterKernel FIR filter designed by a least-squares method

FrequencySamplingFilterKernel ▪ EquirippleFilterKernel

ToDiscreteTimeModel generate an IIR filter model from an analog prototype

Analog Filter Design

ButterworthFilterModel ▪ Chebyshev1FilterModel ▪ Chebyshev2FilterModel ▪ EllipticFilterModel ▪ BesselFilterModel

TransferFunctionModel object representing a transfer-function model

TransferFunctionTransform convert between different types of analog filters

Window Functions »

KaiserWindow ▪ DirichletWindow ▪ HannWindow ▪ HammingWindow ▪ BlackmanWindow ▪ ...

Discrete Transforms

ListZTransform compute the Z transform of a list

ListFourierSequenceTransform ▪ DiscreteChirpZTransform ▪ DiscreteHadamardTransform

FourierMatrix create a Fourier matrix

FourierDCTMatrix ▪ FourierDSTMatrix ▪ HadamardMatrix

Visualization and Analysis

ListPlot ▪ ListLinePlot ▪ DiscretePlot


Spectrogram ▪ SpectrogramArray ▪ Periodogram ▪ PeriodogramArray ▪ ImagePeriodogram

Utility Functions

Upsample, Downsample insert zeros or remove elements from a list

Take ▪ Reverse ▪ Clip ▪ Chop ▪ Rescale

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