Looping Constructs

Looping is a core concept in programming. The Wolfram Language provides powerful primitives for specifying and controlling looping, not only in traditional procedural programming, but also in other, more modern and streamlined programming paradigms.

Do evaluate an expression looping over a variable: Do[expr,{i,n}]

While evaluate an expression while a criterion is true: While[crit,expr]

Until evaluate an expression until a criterion is true: Until[crit,expr]

For a "for loop": For[init,test,incr,body]

Table build up a table by looping over variables: Table[expr,{i,n}]

Functional Iteration Constructs »

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Iterating over Lists & Expressions »

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Loop Termination

Throw exit any loop, going to the nearest enclosing Catch

Break  ▪  Continue  ▪  Return  ▪  Interrupt  ▪  Abort