New in 8.0: Systems Interfaces & Deployment

Version 8.0 introduces new features to load functions from shared libraries, giving a new way to incorporate external code into Mathematica. It also adds support for GPU computing with new links to the CUDA and OpenCL environments. Version 8.0 also contains new tools for working with C code, including C code generation, symbolic representation of C code, and Mathematica functions to drive standard C compilers for the platforms on which Mathematica is available.

Dynamic Library Linking »

LibraryFunctionLoad load a function from a shared library into the Wolfram Language

LibraryFunction a function that calls into a shared library

LibraryFunctionInformation information on a library function

LibraryFunctionUnload, LibraryUnload unload functions and libraries

FindLibrary, $LibraryPath find libraries resolving system-specific file extensions

GPU Computing Using CUDALink »

CUDAInformation list all CUDA device information

CUDAImageConvolve convolve images with specified kernel

CUDAFunctionLoad load a user-defined function to run on a GPU using CUDA

CUDAErosion  ▪  CUDADilation  ▪  CUDAFourier  ▪  CUDADot  ▪  ...

CUDAMemoryLoad  ▪  CUDAMemoryAllocate  ▪  SymbolicCUDAFunction  ▪  ...

GPU Computing Using OpenCLLink »

OpenCLInformation list all OpenCL device information

OpenCLFunctionLoad load a user-defined function to run on a GPU using OpenCL

OpenCLMemoryLoad  ▪  OpenCLMemoryAllocate  ▪  SymbolicOpenCLFunction  ▪  ...

Generate C from Mathematica Programs »

Export export a Wolfram Language-compiled function into C code

CCodeGenerate export a Wolfram Language-compiled function into C code

CCodeStringGenerate  ▪  SymbolicCGenerate  ▪  LibraryGenerate

Symbolic Representation of C Code »

ToCCodeString convert a symbolic C expression into a string of C code

CAddress  ▪  CAssign  ▪  CBlock  ▪  CCall  ▪  CFor  ▪  CFunction  ▪  ...

CIf  ▪  CMember  ▪  CPointerType  ▪  CReturn  ▪  CStruct  ▪  ...

Call C Compilers from Mathematica »

CreateExecutable create an executable from C code

CreateLibrary create a library from C code

Performance Improvements in Parallel Computing

Parallelize (modified) performance improvements, automatic distribution of definitions

LaunchKernels (modified) kernel-launching performance improvements

DistributeDefinitions (modified) definition-distribution performance improvements

Standalone Wolfram Language Scripts

-script execute the commands from a file in a script mode

MathematicaScript execute a standalone Wolfram Language script

$ScriptCommandLine arguments given to the Wolfram Language script