gives the list of elemi to which x is nearest in a computed feature space.


gives the vi corresponding to the elemi to which x is nearest.


gives the same result.


gives the property prop for the elemi to which x is nearest.


effectively gives {FeatureNearest[data,x1],FeatureNearest[data,x2],}.


gives the n nearest elemi to x.


generates a NearestFunction[] that can be applied repeatedly to different x.

Details and Options

  • FeatureNearest can be used on many types of data, including numerical, textual, sounds and images, as well as combinations of these.
  • Each elemi can be a single data element, a list of data elements, an association of data elements or a Dataset object. In FeatureNearest[data,], data can be a Dataset object.
  • In FeatureNearest[{elem1,elem2,}prop,], possible forms for prop include:
  • "Element"the elemi found to be nearest
    "Index"the index i of the elemi found to be nearest
    "Distance"the distance to the nearest elemi
    {prop1,prop2,}a list of multiple forms
    Allan association giving element, index and distance
  • When several elements are returned, the nearest ones are given first.
  • FeatureNearest is typically equivalent to using Nearest in the space created by FeatureExtract.
  • The following options can be given:
  • DistanceFunctionAutomaticthe distance metric to use
    FeatureExtractorIdentityhow to extract features
    FeatureTypesAutomaticfeature types to assume for input data
    MethodAutomaticmethod to use
    RandomSeeding1234what seeding of pseudorandom generators should be done internally
  • Possible settings for RandomSeeding include:
  • Automaticautomatically reseed every time the function is called
    Inheriteduse externally seeded random numbers
    seeduse an explicit integer or strings as a seed
  • Possible settings for Method include "Octree", "KDtree" and "Scan".


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Basic Examples  (1)

Generate a nearest function using FeatureNearest:

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Find the example in the dataset that is nearest to a new example:

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Perform the above operation in one step:

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Introduced in 2017
Updated in 2017