shows graphics with the specified options added.


shows several graphics combined.


  • Show can be used with Graphics and Graphics3D.
  • Show allows any option that can be applied to graphics to be given.
  • Options explicitly specified in Show override those included in the graphics expression.
  • Show[g1,g2,] or Show[{g1,g2,}] concatenates the graphics primitives in the gi, effectively overlaying the graphics.
  • The lists of nondefault options in the gi are concatenated.
  • Show applies the function defined as the setting for DisplayFunction, and returns the result. For ordinary notebook operation, this function is just Identity.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Combine the plot of a curve with the plot of a list:

Combine the density plot with the contour plot:

Change options for existing graphics:

Options  (2)

DisplayFunction  (2)

Display a graphic in PopupWindow when clicked:

Display a graphic in a new notebook:

Applications  (1)

Import an elevation map and take a part of it:

Draw a relief-shaded map:

Draw contour lines:

Combine two plots:

Possible Issues  (1)

Show uses the options from the first graphic:

To see the entire graphic, use PlotRange->All:

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