is an option to LocationTest and similar functions that controls which assumptions to verify through diagnostic tests.


  • The following settings can be used:
  • Allverify all assumptions
    Automaticautomatically select which assumptions to verify
    Nonedo not verify assumptions
    "name"verify the named assumption "name"
    {"name1","name2",}verify several assumptions
  • The specific list of assumptions that can be verified through diagnostic tests is given for each hypothesis testing function.


Basic Examples  (3)

Control diagnostics as a group using All and None:

The -value is equivalent but a warning is issued:

Set diagnostics independently:

Testing for normality results in a warning being issued:

Normality is assumed but a test for equal variances chooses a different form of the -test:

Turn off diagnostic testing for simulation purposes:

The results are identical:

Introduced in 2010