Functions Used in Statistics

Mathematica's sophisticated algorithms for handling higher mathematical functions to arbitrary precision—and in symbolic form—immediately brings a new level of accuracy—and analytical capability—to statistical computation.


Erf, Erfc integrals of the normal distribution

InverseErf, InverseErfc confidence intervals of the normal distribution

BetaRegularized CDF of Student distribution

InverseBetaRegularized quantiles of Student and beta distributions

GammaRegularized CDF of gamma and Poisson distributions

InverseGammaRegularized quantiles of gamma and related distributions

MarcumQ CDF of Rice and Skellam distributions

OwenT part of CDF of skew normal distribution

Binomial ▪ Multinomial ▪ Beta ▪ Gamma ▪ Exp ▪ Log ▪ Floor ▪ Factorial (!)

HypergeometricPFQ ▪ Hypergeometric1F1 ▪ Hypergeometric2F1Regularized

RankedMin, RankedMax order statistics of vectors of variables

Statistical Distributions »

NormalDistribution ▪ ChiSquareDistribution ▪ StudentTDistribution ▪ LogNormalDistribution ▪ BetaDistribution ▪ ExtremeValueDistribution ▪ ...

PoissonDistribution ▪ BinomialDistribution ▪ HypergeometricDistribution ▪ ...

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