Constructing Lists

The Wolfram Language provides powerful functions for constructing lists of any size and structure.

Range form a list from a range of numbers or other objects {1,2,3,}

Table make a table of any dimension of values of an expression

Array make an array of any dimension by applying a function to successive indices

ConstantArray form of a constant array of any dimension

CenterArray embed an array at the center of another array of any dimension

Subdivide a list of equal subdivisions of an interval

CoordinateBoundsArray, CoordinateBoundingBoxArray regular grids

SparseArray, Normal create a list from a sparse array positionvalue specification

PowerRange form a list of successive powers in a specified range

Tuples all possible n-tuples from a list

Subsets  ▪  Subsequences  ▪  Permutations  ▪  Groupings  ▪  Outer

RandomInteger, RandomChoice, ... make lists of random elements

Lists from Iteration

NestList create a list by successively iterating a function

FixedPointList  ▪  NestWhileList  ▪  Append  ▪  AppendTo

Sow, Reap create lists of elements "sown" inside programs

IntegerDigits, RealDigits make lists from digits in numbers

CoefficientList, CoefficientArrays make lists from polynomials or equations

Characters make a list from the characters in a string

CharacterRange a list of a range of characters (e.g. "a" through "z")

ReplaceList make a list of possible pattern replacements

Importing Data as Lists

Import  ▪  ReadList  ▪  BinaryReadList  ▪  FindList  ▪  FileNames