Finite Mathematics

Finite mathematics refers to a collection of topics that are typically studied by students of business management, social sciences and the life sciences at the undergraduate level. The topics include elementary algebra, matrix computation, optimization, financial mathematics, probability and Markov chains. The Wolfram Language has a unique combination of powerful and friendly tools for mastering this subject in an enjoyable way, using graphical visualization, symbolic and numerical computation, data analysis, etc.

Elementary Algebra

Solve exact solutions to equations and systems

Simplify simplify an expression

Reduce reduce equations and inequalities

Linear Systems

LinearSolve solve linear systems in matrix form

RowReduce generate a row echelon form

LinearModelFit construct a linear regression model from data

Matrix Computation

Dot dot products of vectors and matrices

Inverse inverse of a matrix

Det determinant of a matrix


LinearOptimization linear programming in matrix form

Minimize, Maximize symbolic global optimization

Financial Mathematics

Annuity regular premium or pension payments

Cashflow cash flow of premiums

TimeValue time value of money computations

Set Operations

Subsets find all possible subsets of a set (the powerset)

Union union of sets

Intersection intersection of sets


Probability probability of an event

Expectation expected value of an expression

Variance variance of a probability distribution

Markov Chains

DiscreteMarkovProcess represents a finite-state, discrete-time Markov process

MarkovProcessProperties structural, transient and limiting properties

FirstPassageTimeDistribution distribution of times for hitting a set of states