Mathematical Constants

The Wolfram Language incorporates the latest algorithmssome original to Wolfram Researchfor evaluating mathematical constants to any number of digits of precision. For basic constants like and , millions of digits can routinely be computed in seconds.

Pi (π) pi (entered as p)

E () exponential constant (entered as ee "exponential ")

Degree (°) conversion factor from radians to degrees (entered as deg)

GoldenRatio golden ratio

GoldenAngle golden angle

EulerGamma Euler's constant

StieltjesGamma Stieltjes constants

Catalan Catalan's constant

Glaisher Glaisher's constant

Khinchin Khinchin's constant

ChampernowneNumber Champernowne numbers

Infinity  ▪  ComplexInfinity  ▪  DirectedInfinity  ▪  Indeterminate  ▪  Undefined

I () (entered as ii "imaginary ")

Root general root of a polynomial

N evaluate to any precision

RealDigits list of digits

ContinuedFraction continued fraction expansion

FullSimplify simplify symbolic expressions involving constants