New in 7.0: Systems Interfaces & Deployment

Version 7.0 introduces built-in zero-configuration parallel computing. Taking full advantage of Mathematica's unique symbolic architecture, Version 7.0 provides an unprecedentedly easy and powerful system for taking advantage of multicore and network parallel computing environments. Version 7.0 also introduces new operations on file names that enhance integration into the systems programming workflow.

New Built-in Parallel Computing »

Parallelize evaluate an expression using automatic parallelization

ParallelTry try different computations in parallel, giving the first result obtained

ParallelEvaluate  ▪  ParallelMap  ▪  ParallelTable  ▪  ParallelSum  ▪  ...

ParallelSubmit submit expressions to be evaluated concurrently

WaitAll, WaitNext wait for concurrent evaluations to finish

DistributeDefinitions  ▪  SetSharedVariable  ▪  CriticalSection  ▪  ...

$KernelCount  ▪  $KernelID  ▪  AbortKernels  ▪  CloseKernels  ▪  ...

New System Interface Features

SendMail send any Wolfram Language expression, graphic, etc. as email

SystemOpen use your operating system to open a file

$ProcessorCount  ▪  $MessageGroups  ▪  ...

New in File Name Operations »

FileNameSplit split a file name into directory and name parts

FileNameJoin assemble a file name from a list of components

AbsoluteFileName determine the absolute name for a file in your filesystem

DirectoryQ  ▪  FileExistsQ  ▪  FindFile  ▪  FileBaseName  ▪  FileExtension  ▪  ...