generates an image based on the textual description text.


generates a new image based on image.


generates n images based on the specification spec.

Details and Options

  • ImageSynthesize is used to generate a synthetic image based on a textual description or a reference image, or to fill in a portion of an image.
  • ImageSynthesize requires external service authentication, billing and internet connectivity.
  • The image description in text can be used to specify the image content, type (photorealistic, drawing, etc.), artistic style, colors, etc.
  • Possible values of the spec include:
  • textgenerate an image based on text
    imagegenerate a variation of image
    assocgenerate an image based on the parameters in assoc
  • Possible keys in the parameter association assoc are:
  • "Text"image description
    "Image"image seed for the synthesis
    "Mask"part of the image to synthesize
  • According to the specified parameters, the following tasks will be performed:
  • {"Text"}image synthesis from a textual description
    {"Image"}image synthesis from a reference image
    {"Text","Image"}inpaint of the transparent part of the image
    {"Text","Image","Mask"}inpaint of the part of the image specified by the mask
  • The following options can be specified:
  • Authentication Automaticexplicit user ID and API key
    ImageSize Smallthe size of the generated image
    ProgressReporting$ProgressReportinghow to report the progress of the computation
  • Possible values for Authentication are:
  • Automaticchoose the authentication scheme automatically
    Environmentcheck for a key in the environment variables
    SystemCredentialcheck for a key in the system keychain
    ServiceObject[]inherit the authentication from a service object
    assocprovide explicit key and user ID
  • With AuthenticationAutomatic, the function checks the variable "OPENAI_API_KEY" in Environment and SystemCredential, otherwise it uses ServiceConnect["OpenAI"].
  • When using Authenticationassoc, assoc can contain the following keys:
  • "ID"user identity
    "APIKey"API key used to authenticate
  • Possible values for ImageSize are:
  • Small256×256 pixels
    Medium512×512 pixels
    Large1024×1024 pixels
  • ImageSynthesize uses machine learning. Its methods, training sets and biases included therein may change and yield varied results in different versions of the Wolfram Language.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Generate a Monet-like painting:

Generate three variations of the same image:

Generate several images using the same prompt:

Scope  (5)

Synthesize an image from a prompt:

Synthesize an image variation using a reference image:

Synthesize parts of an image using a prompt and a transparent reference image:

Synthesize parts of an image using a prompt and a binary mask:

Synthesize multiple images at once:

Options  (6)

Authentication  (4)

Provide an authentication key for the API:

Provide both a user ID and the API key:

Look for the key in the system keychain:

Look for the key in the system environment:

Authenticate via a service object:

ImageSize  (2)

Synthesize images of different sizes:

Synthesize a larger variation of an image:

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