gives a dataset of the top web audio search results for the specified literal string.


performs a web audio search using the specified query.


gives the elements of the web audio search specified by format.


returns only audio results that satisfy crit.

Details and Options

  • WebAudioSearch requires internet connectivity and may use external services that require Service Credits.
  • Possible search forms that can be specified by query include:
  • "string"complete string must occur in the metadata
    {s1,s2,}search for all si in the metadata
  • Possible elements that can be specified by format include:
  • "Dataset"a Dataset with various properties for each result
    "Gallery"an interactive gallery view
    "GalleryMinimal"a minimal interactive gallery view
    "RandomSample"a single Audio object
    "Samples"a list of Audio objects
    "TitleHyperlinks"a list of titles linked to the original URLs
    "prop"an association of title hyperlinks and a property
    {"prop1","prop2",}an association of title hyperlinks and properties
  • The default format with front end running is "Dataset" when a front end is available. Otherwise "TitleHyperlinks" is returned.
  • The following properties prop are available:
  • "Channels"number of audio channels
    "Duration"duration of the audio track
    "License"copyright license
    "PageLink"URL to the page containing the audio track
    "Sample"provided sample Audio object
    "SampleLink"URL to the sample Audio object
    "SampleRate"the sampling rate
    "Tags"a list of string tags
    "Title"title of the audio track
    "TitleHyperlink"title linked to the page URL
    "Username"username associated with the audio track
  • When using a criterion crit, arguments of crit can access element values using #prop. An audio track is returned if crit returns True.
  • The criterion crit can take one of the following forms:
  • #prop>val& or #propval&for all numeric properties
    #prop<val& or #propval&for all numeric properties
    #prop==val& or #prop===val&for all properties
    (crit1&&crit2&&)&a combination of criteria
  • A criterion crit including the "Tag" properties is applied independently to all tags and returns True if there is at least one match.
  • The following arguments can be used in crit:
  • #BeatPerMinutethe tempo estimation
    #Channelsnumber of audio channels
    #Durationduration of the audio track
    #SampleRatethe sampling rate
    #Taga string tag
  • WebAudioSearch can take a MaxItems option that specifies the maximum number of audio samples to return with each search. By default, MaxItems->10 is used.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Search for audio recordings related to a query:

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Return the result as a list of Audio objects:

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Introduced in 2019