Generating and Importing TeX

Wolfram System notebooks provide a sophisticated environment for creating technical documents. But particularly if you want to merge your work with existing material in TeX, you may find it convenient to use TeXForm to convert expressions in the Wolfram Language into a form suitable for input to TeX.

TeXForm[expr]print expr in TeX input form

Wolfram Language output for TeX.

Here is an expression, printed in standard Wolfram Language form:
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Here is the expression in TeX input form:
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ToExpression["input",TeXForm]convert TeX input to the Wolfram Language

Converting TeX strings to the Wolfram Language.

This converts a TeX string to the Wolfram Language. Note the double backslashes needed in the string:
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In addition to being able to convert individual expressions to TeX, the Wolfram System also provides capabilities for translating complete notebooks. These capabilities can usually be accessed from the File Save As... menu in the notebook front end.