Setting Up Hyperlinks

Insert Hyperlinkmenu item to make the selected object a hyperlink
Hyperlink["uri"]generate as output a hyperlink with the label and destination set as uri
Hyperlink["label","uri"]generate as output a hyperlink with the label label and the destination uri
Hyperlink[{"file.nb",None}]generate as output a hyperlink to the specified notebook
Hyperlink[{"file.nb","tag"}]generate as output a hyperlink to the cell tagged as tag in the specified notebook

Methods for generating hyperlinks.

A hyperlink is a special kind of button which jumps to another part of a notebook when it is pressed. Typically hyperlinks are indicated in the Wolfram System by blue text.

To set up a hyperlink, just select the text or other object that you want to be a hyperlink. Then choose the menu item Insert Hyperlink and fill in the specification of where you want the destination of the hyperlink to be.

The destination of a hyperlink can be any standard web address (URI). Hyperlinks can also point to notebooks on the local file system, or even to specific cells inside those notebooks. Hyperlinks which point to specific cells in notebooks use cell tags to identify the cells. If a particular cell tag is used for more than one cell in a given notebook, then the hyperlink will go to the first instance of a cell with that cell tag.

A hyperlink can be generated in output by using the Wolfram Language command Hyperlink. These hyperlinks can be copied and pasted into text or used in a larger interface being generated by the Wolfram Language.

This command generates a hyperlink to the web:
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