Subscripts, Bars, and Other Modifiers

Here is a typical palette of modifiers.


The Wolfram Language allows you to use any expression as a subscript.
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Unless you specifically tell it otherwise, the Wolfram System will interpret a superscript as a power.
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Ctrl+_ or Ctrl+-go to the position for a subscript
Ctrl++ or Ctrl+4go to the position underneath
Ctrl+^ or Ctrl+6go to the position for a superscript
Ctrl+& or Ctrl+7go to the position on top
Ctrl+Spacereturn from a special position

Special input forms based on control characters. The second forms given should work on any keyboard.

This enters a subscript using control keys.
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Just as Ctrl+^ and Ctrl+_ go to superscript and subscript positions, so also Ctrl+& and Ctrl+4 can be used to go to positions directly above and below. With the layout of a standard Englishlanguage keyboard Ctrl+& is directly to the right of Ctrl+^ while Ctrl+4 is directly to the right of Ctrl+_.

key sequence
displayed form
expression form
x Ctrl+& _OverBar[x]
x Ctrl+& EscvecEscOverVector[x]
x Ctrl+& ~OverTilde[x]
x Ctrl+& ^OverHat[x]
x Ctrl+& .OverDot[x]
x Ctrl+4 _UnderBar[x]

Ways to enter some common modifiers using control keys.

Here is .
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You can use as a variable.
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