Elementary Functions

Using the latest platform-optimized code, the Wolfram Language not only delivers high-efficiency machine-precision evaluation of elementary functions, but alsousing a number of original algorithmsprovides the world's fastest arbitrary-precision evaluation. A sophisticated web of symbolic functions and transformations allows the Wolfram Language to perform exact numerical and algebraic operations on elementary functionseffortlessly obtaining results that in the past would have been viewed as major mathematical accomplishments.

Piecewise Functions

Min, Max min and max

RealAbs absolute value

Piecewise general piecewise function

Exponential Functions

Log base-e logarithm (Log[b,x] uses base b)

Log10, Log2 base-10, base-2 logarithms

Exp exponential

Power (^) power (entered as a superscript using )

Sqrt square root (entered using )

CubeRoot, Surd real-number fractional powers

Trigonometric Functions »

Degree (°) constant for converting to degrees

Sin  ▪  Cos  ▪  Tan

ArcSin  ▪  ArcCos  ▪  ArcTan


Hyperbolic Functions »

Sinh  ▪  Cosh  ▪  Tanh

ArcSinh  ▪  ArcCosh  ▪  ArcTanh

N numerical evaluation to any precision

FunctionExpand expand in terms of simpler functions or smaller arguments

FullSimplify apply full symbolic simplification

Series series expansion