computes the property "prop" for the entire audio.


computes several properties "propi".


returns the values in the specified output format.


returns measurements for all audioi.

Details and Options

  • AudioMeasurements[audio,"Properties"] gives names of all available properties as a list of strings.
  • Global audio properties:
  • "Channels"number of channels
    "Length"number of samples
    "SampleRate"sample rate in Hz
    "Type"data type
  • All of the following properties are computed on the average channel values.
  • Basic histogram properties:
  • "Max"maximum value
    "MaxAbs"maximum absolute value
    "Min"minimum value
    "MinAbs"minimum absolute value
    "MinMax"minimum and maximum values
    "MinMaxAbs"minimum and maximum absolute values
    "Mean"mean value
    "Median"median value
    "ApproximateMedian"approximate median
    "StandardDeviation"standard deviation of values
    "Total"sum of values
  • Intensity properties:
  • "Loudness"computed with Stevens's power law ()
    "LoudnessEBU"perceptual loudness (in LUFS) using the EBU standard
    "LoudnessRangeEBU"perceptual loudness range using the EBU standard
    "Power"mean of the squared values
    "RMSAmplitude"root mean square of the values
  • Time domain properties:
  • "CrestFactor"maximum divided by the root mean square
    "PeakToAveragePowerRatio"maximum power divided by the average power
    "TemporalCentroid"temporal centroid of values
    "ZeroCrossings"number of zero crossings
    "ZeroCrossingRate"rate of zero crossings
  • Frequency domain properties:
  • "SpectralCentroid"centroid of the power spectrum
    "SpectralCrest"maximum divided by the mean of the power spectrum
    "SpectralFlatness"geometric mean divided by the mean of the power spectrum
    "SpectralKurtosis"kurtosis of the magnitude spectrum
    "SpectralRollOff"frequency below which most of the energy is concentrated
    "SpectralSkewness"skewness of the magnitude spectrum
    "SpectralSlope"estimated slope of the magnitude spectrum
    "SpectralSpread"measure of the bandwidth of the power spectrum
  • By default, a list of property values is returned. Other format specifications include:
  • Automaticdetermine the output automatically
    "Association"format the result as an Association
    "Dataset"format the result as a Dataset
    "List"format the result as a List
    "RuleList"format the result as a list of Rule expressions


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Basic Examples  (2)

Compute the minimum and maximum sample values in an audio object:

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Compute multiple properties:

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Introduced in 2016
Updated in 2017