is an option that specifies where the baseline of an object is considered to be for purposes of alignment with surrounding text or other expressions.


  • BaselinePosition is an option for such objects as Graphics, Grid, and TabView.
  • BaselinePosition->pos specifies that position pos in an object should align with the baseline of surrounding text or other expressions.
  • Possible settings for BaselinePosition are:
  • Automaticdefault object baseline
    Bottombottom of object
    Toptop of object
    Centerhalfway between top and bottom
    Axisaxis of the object
    Baselinebaseline of the first text line
    Scaled[y]fraction y of the height of the object
    ibaseline of row i in a grid
    {i,j}baseline of element i,j in a grid
    {{i,j},pos}position pos in element i,j
    pos->refbaseline offset to make pos be aligned with ref
  • For objects that contain multiple lines of text, BaselinePosition->Baseline specifies that the baseline of the whole object should be taken to be the baseline of the first line of text.
  • Scaled[0] corresponds to the bottom of the object; Scaled[1] to the top. If y is outside the range 0 to 1, Scaled[y] gives a baseline that lies outside the object.
  • In BaselinePosition->(pos->ref ) the reference point ref can be Baseline, Axis, Bottom, Top, or Center. It can also be Scaled[y], where y represents a fraction of the total height of a single line of text in the current font.
  • The reference point ref is relative to the line height of the default font surrounding the object. Top aligns with the top of the font's ascender, while Bottom aligns with the bottom of the font's descender.
  • For objects that are typically a single line tall, such as Button and PopupMenu, BaselinePosition->Automatic generally corresponds to BaselinePosition->Baseline.
  • For objects that typically span multiple lines such as Grid and Panel, BaselinePosition->Automatic generally corresponds to BaselinePosition->(Axis->Baseline).
  • For text, the position of the axis is determined by the placement of - or a similar character. For other objects, the axis is taken to be the center, except when a construct such as a fraction bar or graphics axis defines another natural choice.
  • Some settings of BaselinePosition are incompatible with the Full and Scaled settings of the vertical dimension of ImageSize. When these settings conflict, the BaselinePosition setting will supercede the ImageSize setting.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Align the bottom of a grid with the baseline of the surrounding text:

Align the center of a graphic with the baseline of the text:

Specify the baseline of each cell within a grid:

Scope  (6)

Align the center of objects with the baseline of the surrounding text:

Align the top of the grid with the baseline:

Align the bottom of the grid with the baseline:

Specify the baseline of panel as a fraction of the height by using Scaled:

Use the axis of a graphic as the baseline:

Specify the baseline within Row:

Specify the baseline within Grid:

Generalizations & Extensions  (3)

Align a specific grid element with the baseline:

Align the bottom of the grid with the bottom of surrounding text:

Align the center of the grid with the axis of text:

Align the axis of the graphic with the top of the text:

Applications  (1)

Align graphics at their top:

Align graphics along their axes:

Introduced in 2007
Updated in 2012