returns a list of the ei for which the value of f[ei] is minimal.


returns a list of the ei corresponding to the n smallest f[ei].


represents an operator form of MinimalBy that can be applied to an expression.


  • Values of f[ei] are compared using the same canonical order as in Sort.
  • The minimal ei are returned in the order they appear in the input.
  • In the case of MinimalBy[list,f,n], the ei are sorted in the order of increasing f[ei], with those having the same value of f[ei] being taken in the order they appear in list.
  • MinimalBy[list,f, UpTo[n]] gives n elements, or as many as are available.
  • MinimalBy[f][expr] is equivalent to MinimalBy[expr,f].


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Basic Examples  (4)

Find the minimal element by last part:

All minimal elements are returned, in order of appearance:

Obtain the first three minimal elements:

Obtain the first 4 minimal elements, or as many as are available:

Scope  (1)

MinimalBy works with symbolic expressions, using OrderedQ:

Possible Issues  (1)

The minimal element is determined using OrderedQ, not numerical ordering:

Introduced in 2014
Updated in 2015