New in 6.0: Symbolic Computation

New Polynomial Functions

Discriminant  ▪  SymmetricPolynomial  ▪  SymmetricReduction

New in Polynomial Manipulation

PolynomialQuotientRemainder  ▪  PolynomialExtendedGCD

ApartSquareFree  ▪  SquareFreeQ  ▪  HornerForm

Expand, Factor, Apart (modified) now thread over equations as well as lists

New in Polynomial Roots

CountRoots  ▪  RootIntervals  ▪  IsolatingInterval

New in Algebraic Number Theory »

AlgebraicNumber implicit representation of a general algebraic number

RootApproximant  ▪  AlgebraicNumberNorm  ▪  NumberFieldDiscriminant  ▪  ...

FullSimplify (modified) now supports general equational theorem proving

SemialgebraicComponentInstances  ▪  GenericCylindricalDecomposition

PossibleZeroQ new heuristic test for zeros

New in Calculus

Integrate, DSolve, Sum, FunctionExpand (modified) major new algorithms

PadeApproximant  ▪  SeriesCoefficient (modified)

Normalize, Orthogonalize normalize, orthogonalize families of functions