Bessel-Related Functions

Using original algorithms developed at Wolfram Research, the Wolfram Language has full coverage of all standard Bessel-related functionsevaluating every function to arbitrary precision with optimized algorithms for arbitrary complex values of its parameters, as well as supporting series and asymptotic expansions with full treatment of Stokes sectors, and an extensive web of symbolic transformations and simplifications.

Bessel Functions

BesselJ  ▪  BesselY  ▪  BesselI  ▪  BesselK

Spherical Bessel Functions

SphericalBesselJ  ▪  SphericalBesselY

Hankel Functions

HankelH1  ▪  HankelH2  ▪  SphericalHankelH1  ▪  SphericalHankelH2

Airy Functions

AiryAi  ▪  AiryAiPrime  ▪  AiryBi  ▪  AiryBiPrime

Scorer Functions

ScorerGi  ▪  ScorerGiPrime  ▪  ScorerHi  ▪  ScorerHiPrime

Kelvin Functions

KelvinBer  ▪  KelvinBei  ▪  KelvinKer  ▪  KelvinKei

Struve and Related Functions

StruveH  ▪  StruveL  ▪  AngerJ  ▪  WeberE

Function Zeros

BesselJZero  ▪  BesselYZero  ▪  AiryAiZero  ▪  AiryBiZero