New in 9.0: Data Manipulation

Building on Mathematica's extensive data manipulation capabilities, Mathematica 9 adds a wide range of new import and export features.

New Import & Export Formats

"AgilentMicroarray" biological microarray data (.txt)

"FASTQ" molecular biology format (.fastq, .fq)

"FCS" format for storing flow cytometry data (.fcs, .lmd)

"HIN" HyperChem molecular data format (.hin)

"ICC" color profile format (.icc, .icm)

"ICNS" Macintosh icon package format (.icns)

"JCAMP-DX" chemical spectroscopy format (.jdx, .dx, .jcm)

"OpenEXR" theatrical film raster image format (.exr)

"SFF" flowgram format for DNA sequences (.sff)

Updated Import & Export Formats

"CUR" now supported by Export

"FITS" import of binary tables, export of attributes

"HTML" supports embedding of CDF

"ICO" now supported by Export

"JPEG" enhanced Exif and color profile support

"MIDI" now supported by Import

"NB" added support for cell style-based elements

"PBM" improved support for various data formats

"PGM" improved support for various data formats

"PNG" added support for color profiles

"PNM" improved support for various data formats

"TIFF" added support for 3D images and color profiles

New in Date & Time »

DateRange generate a list of dates

DatePlus add or subtract days, weeks, etc. in a date list or string

DayRange generate a list of days

DayPlus add or subtract days

LeapYearQ determine if a date is in a leap year

DayMatchQ determine the day type

BusinessDayQ determine if a day is a business day

DateDifference  ▪  DayRound  ▪  DayCount  ▪  CalendarData

New in Image Processing & Analysis »

Image3D create a 3D image from an array of data or a list of images

Image3DSlices slice through a 3D image in each dimension

ImageFileApply, ImageFileFilter, ImageFileScan out-of-core image processing

ImageMeasurements return specified properties of an image

ImageDistance compute various difference measures between two images

ImageValuePositions, PixelValuePositions positions of the specified pixel value

ReplaceImageValue  ▪  ReplacePixelValue  ▪  ColorReplace

ColorProfileData representation for general color spaces

DominantColors find a list of dominant colors

HistogramTransform, HistogramTransformInterpolation equalize levels

GradientOrientationFilter  ▪  GaborFilter

NonlocalMeansFilter  ▪  FourierDCTFilter

FindFaces find human faces in an image

ImageCorners  ▪  ImageFeatureTrack

GeodesicClosing  ▪  GeodesicOpening

ImagePeriodogram squared magnitude of the image Fourier transform

New in Signal Processing »

RecurrenceFilter compute the response of an IIR filter

LowpassFilter  ▪  HighpassFilter  ▪  BandpassFilter  ▪  BandstopFilter  ▪  ...

LeastSquaresFilterKernel  ▪  FrequencySamplingFilterKernel  ▪  EquirippleFilterKernel

ButterworthFilterModel  ▪  EllipticFilterModel  ▪  Chebyshev1FilterModel  ▪  ...

TransferFunctionTransform convert between different types of analog filters

KaiserWindow  ▪  DirichletWindow  ▪  HannWindow  ▪  HammingWindow  ▪  ...

ListZTransform  ▪  ListFourierSequenceTransform  ▪  ...

FourierMatrix  ▪  FourierDCTMatrix  ▪  FourierDSTMatrix  ▪  HadamardMatrix

Spectrogram  ▪  Periodogram  ▪  ImagePeriodogram  ▪  ...

Upsample  ▪  Downsample